Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I've been tagged and so am passing it on, if you don't know what to do ....these are the rules

1. grab the nearest book to you
2. find page 161
3.find the 5th complete sentence
4. send it to 5 people

mine is.......'I was appalled' ('Some other rainbow' by John McCarthy and Jill Morrell)

there is probably a technical way to 'tag' but I don't know it so perhaps Judith, Graeme,Dawn, Zoe and Claire would be so kind!!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

God's timing

This week has been a real mixture of confusion, highs, lows, confusion again, etc etc! Confusion is my own fault! highs and lows at school ...... back on level ground now!
Those who were at Romford SA on Sunday evening will be very aware of the impact that 'Breathe' had on so many of us. For me, it put into words lots of 'stuff' that I had been thinking for a considerable time (some of it buried for years!). Not that all those words are totally understandable yet!!
The phrase 'hearing into action' jumped out of a song we sang, maybe? ....definitely! ....I have done lots of hearing but not a lot of action.
BUT I think that although we know there is so much more we can do, we should not beat ourselves up over what we have done and are doing for God, thinking that its not good enough or the 'right' thing.
He prepares us in so many ways for what He wants us to do at a specific time. Whatever He wants me to do now and in the forseeable future I probably couldn't have done last year or 5 years ago.
So I need to accept that God is making the way for me now, that my future is in His hands and that He and only He will sort out any practical obstacles that I or anyone else might like to try and put in the way.
Last week in Word for Today was a line ...'God sets His watch for His time, not ours'.