Sunday, October 7, 2007

Well, just got back from'The Main Event'......oh Linda Bond(sorry...Commissioner!) knows how to tell me 'what's what'!
I spoke to someone during the weekend about some very vague thoughts I've been having idea why I told him, except he's a friend and quite scrub the sensible!!! ....only kidding Major! But how amazing it is that conversations/seminars/worship all contain those little (sometimes rather big) pointers towards what I know God is gently leading me towards, should I stop being amazed at how God has the Big Picture? This probably sounds very odd and's odd to me and I'm the one God is speaking to!!
On another note Romfordians!! our mate Linda said sometimes we have to stop doing some things in order to do 'other stuff' .......... oh wow we have a year of that in front of did she know!?!?