Sunday, April 29, 2007


Well here is another blog from the 'oldest blogger in town'!(though not as old as Ann seems to think!)
I noticed today in our worship that the word 'grace' was in a majority of our songs, mentioned in sermons and in testimonies. It's a word I've been thinking about recently. Denis & I went to see the film 'Amazing Grace' in the Easter hols, lots to think about there....have we got any better?
We are learning the song in Choir at school for the Junior Music Festival, so I've explained to the children why it was written. Then on Thursday one Year 4 child suddenly said ' what's 'grace' Mrs Fox?' Children are great aren't they ?! They ask the most difficult questions when you have the least time to think of an answer.
This morning Richard was talking about being at home and comfortable in our families. Perhaps we don't...I don't, appreciate how great my family is because they are just always there. Maybe 'grace' is like that ...I don't notice how great it is because it's just always there. God will never take it away from me but I have to make the effort to access it. Looking forward to Roots this weekend!, I need to make an effort to see what God has for me there and in the future.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

My first blog! be kind to me I'm old!

Well here we first blog! Judith is being quite pushy so I'm doing this to keep her quiet in the hope that I'll be able to listen to 'Joseph' in peace! Zoe is nattering about buying stuff on ebay for her new hamster so its all very confusing...too much going on for an 'oldie'!
So, Blogging...what's all that about then? Judith says I should tell you what I've been doing today but thats not very exciting...apart from buying the hamster with Zoe and then sitting in the garden this afternoon playing Bananagrams with Denis, Paul and the girls...good way to finish the hols.
Not really looking forward to school next week as my Year 2 colleague is still off sick and we are heading very quickly towards SATs and an audit of what's going on. We can't expect the supply teacher to do all the assessments so muggins will have to take on more. The children are great, its just all the stuff around teaching that takes the edge off it now. Oh dear I'm sounding old and miserable...don't mean to!
Anyway I need to get organised for Sunday now....Home League!!!