Sunday, April 20, 2008

hoping it will all go away?

Well, what a long time between Blogs! I have started one a number of times and commented on others but........?!
I have been wondering why it's taken so long and have come up with the usual stuff but if I'm really honest, I think my main reason would have to be that I don't like posting something that I think isn't 'worthy' .....whatever that means! I tend to worry about things by going very quiet and hoping that they will go away. (ie I don't join in with Ofsted jokes at school because I am DREADING them coming). My last blog was way back after the Main Event and the thoughts I had at that time are still running around my head. BUT maybe I am just staying quiet and hoping that the confusion will just go away......maybe though I should be being more pro-active about this. (Note: am I having a 'hot flush' whilst writing this? palms are very clammy now that I'm typing....?)
So...taking 'bull by horns' I am trying now to be pro-active.....look for harder at what I am doing, wherever I am doing it. Oh scary for an old girl who's just had another birthday but I don't want another one in confusion so here goes!!


Jude said...

have you noticed that it's bin sooooo long since u've last blogged that everyone's 4gotten 2 check if u've updated hehehehe! the world of blogging! (no words of wisdom about ur blog tho I'm afraid!) see you friday! xxxx

Jenny said...

you are sooooo funny!!!

Dawn said...

I've kept checking...and shaken mhy head in despair!