Sunday, May 11, 2008


What a day it's been. Songsters out this morning leading worship at Basildon, worship at 'home' this afternoon.....thinking again about our Spiritual gifts and how we should be putting them into practice...thanks Elwyn! Then a time of prayer and prayerful 'chat' about the Mission of our church in the very near future. So much to think about.

Then this evening we heard of the sudden ptg of Major Graham Grayston...a good Hull lad! He and Margaret married Denis & I and we were only talking at Roots to someone about the great marriage preparation they did for us! ie 'do you want the flag on the platform? do you want to be on the platform? Well that's about it then'!!! Well it's worked for us!

Seriously though we hold Margaret, Michael, Lianne and the rest of the family in our prayers at this time. Graham was great, as down to earth as they come and we are very sad that he is no longer with us. Heaven's gain.

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