Sunday, September 28, 2008

8 Interesting Facts

Interesting....not sure but here goes!
1. My dad was a fishmonger when I was a child and I spent many happy hours sitting behind his market stall in Dewsbury eating prawns, cockles and mussels.
2. I got a Bronze Level in Trampolining (when I was 14!)
3. Denis and I knew each other as babies ..... but we didn't notice each other until I had moved from Hull to Batley to Blackpool to Bournemouth and then he came to visit!
4. On the day we really met we stayed up playing Othello until Denis could beat me ...he hates to lose a game and it took him 'till 4am!!!
5. I love dark chocolate but hate strawberry creams.
6. Aged 13 I cut my hand one Sunday teatime, opening a tin of Spam!(I still have the scar!)
7. I had a Saturday job in a department store which my family always refer to as my time in the 'knicker department'. Actually we had all other forms of clothing in my department but jumpers aren't as funny I suppose!
8. My piano teacher used to rap my knuckles when I made a mistake and I daren't say anything because my dad was away studying and my Grandad was paying for the lessons. .....I think that may have made a bigger impression on me than I could have imagined....hmmmm.

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