Thursday, September 4, 2008

Where were you?

Just a quick thought from my first day with my new class today.

I have a little girl in my class who has had enough trauma and family difficulties to last a lifetime yet she is always happy and cheerful, loves being at school etc.
During the summer her teacher from last year got married and this morning said teacher popped into my room to say hello to all. 'Why weren't you at your wedding Miss Berry?' calls child 'C'. Puzzled teacher insists that she was at her own wedding! but 'C' is equally insistant that she was not!!! Exit puzzled teacher!
We have no idea if they went to the right church at the wrong time or the wrong church on the right day or any other combination....anything is possible with this family!

So here goes for an interesting year!!!


Dawn said...

You blogged - Yeay! Here's to the academic year x

Jude said...

bit random blog tho coz now we're all wanting to know if she ever did work out where she was... lol!